Zooming the Pandemic -Ep 7 – “Winter is Coming”

With the approach of winter and increased isolation, series host Deni Loubert explores how we are all working hard to find ways to get through the coming winter months. 

In this episode she discusses how creativity is harder with less interaction and looks at what many in New Westminster are doing to cope. Discussions with Arts Council of New Westminster Program Manager Laura Grady looks at the changes in the local arts scene and what is still moving forward. Executive Director of Massey Theatre and The Anvil Center Jessica Schneider talks about the challenges facing local artists and how she thinks this winter’s isolation will affect future work. Both look at how they have personally been impacted by the pandemic and what they think they might be able to do for the winter to help citizens of New Westminster find relief.

Local work at home IT technician Vanessa Darwin looks at the winter from the perspective of a young worker from home, and missing her live music. She discusses the impact on both her and her musician husband this winter will have and where she has found connection online. 

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