Episode 6 – Silent Summer

As we see the last of summer, New Westminster writer Deni Loubert looks at how we have moved through a summer without street festivals and live music. Missing Fridays on Front and the Columbia Street Food Truck Festival, as well as the Uptown Live event, she talks with organizers to get an idea of how this spring and summer unfolded as they realized that holding live events would need to be re-thought with the arrival of the pandemic. Decisions on what they did to replace these important events, as well as discussions for next steps as we move into fall and winter continue the story of our silent summer.

Next Loubert talks to the owner of 100 Braid Street Studios, an iconic New Westminster landmark collection of 50 artists near the Braid Street Skytrain station. Artists reaction to the loss of public showcase space as well as how many are dealing with the pandemic are discussed, along with plans for moving forward out of the summer.

Finally, our narrator talks with a theatre costume designer about the state of mind in the theatre world and the bass player of a local rock band to explore the world of live music. When both are suddenly silenced, the response is varied and sometimes unpredictable.

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