LITFEST NewWest 2016: World Poetry

The videos

00Full Presentation01:51:45
01Welcome and Opening Remarks00:03:03
02Welcome Poem - Synn Kun LohCantonese, China00:03:03
03Welcome Poem - Candice JamesEnglish, Canada00:03:03
04Dr Ajay K GargHindi, Sanscrit, India00:04:36
05Anita Aguirre NieverasTagalog Philippines00:08:33
06Tommy K TaoCantonese, Hong Kong00:06:54
07Lucy OrtizSpanish, El Salvador00:05:03
08Yaman SalehArabic, Syria00:06:13
09Selene BertelsenMiddle English, Canada00:05:51
10Dr Ajay K GargHindi, Sanscrit India00:07:20
11Hae Young KimKorean, Korea00:05:53
12Faith JonesYiddish, Canada00:06:53
13Jacqueline MaireFrench, France00:03:46
14Discussion about Culturevarious00:21:08
15Sattar SaberiFarsi, Afghanistan00:12:04